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Validating xml string

Validates identity constraints on the default attributes and populates the Array List specified with Xml Schema Attribute objects for any attributes with default values that have not been previously validated using the Validate Attribute method in the element context.Verifies if the text content of the element is valid according to its data type for elements with simple content, and verifies if the content of the current element is complete for elements with complex content.Validates whether the white space returned by the Xml Value Getter object specified is allowed in the current element context, and accumulates the white space for validation if the current element has simple content.

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DTDs and XSD were normally accessed as configuration options in Simple API for XML (SAX), Document Object Model (DOM), and Java™ API for XML Processing (JAXP). Schematron might use the Transformations API for XML(Tr AX); and still other schema languages required programmers to learn still more APIs, even though they were performing essentially the same operation.

Java 5 introduced the package to provide a schema-language-independent interface to validation services.

This package is also available in Java 1.3 and later when you install JAXP 1.3 separately.

Among other products, an implementation of this library is included with Xerces 2.8. If you validate in multiple threads simultaneously, make sure each one has its own However, normally this isn't what you want.

The You can reuse the same validator and the same schema multiple times in series. Usually the document consumer should choose the schema, not the document producer. All other schema languages require an explicitly specified schema location. The abstract factory design pattern enables this one API to support many different schema languages and object models.


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