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Updating the innova 3100c

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Back in the day, a good mechanic could tell you what was wrong with your car by simply listening to the engine. Today's vehicles contain sophisticated electronics that require onboard diagnostics to figure out.

At least with one of these OBD2 scanners you'll know what's wrong before taking it to the shop or having a shot at fixing it yourself.

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The Scan Tool 425801 has a USB attachment to plug directly into your computer, so you don't have to worry about any pesky handheld unit to break.

It can be wrapped up and stored in the glove box, too.

Those who don't have a laptop, though, cannot use this model.

The BAFX Products 34t5 works on all US-based vehicles from 1996 and later.

The Foxwell NT301 has a tile-based layout similar to most tablets and smartphones, so many users will find the navigation and operation familiar, even if they have never used one of these devices. The Scan Tool 427201 lets you turn any Android or Windows-based phone or tablet into an automotive diagnostic tool, and features hacker-proof technology.It is safe to leave plugged in without draining the battery, so you don't need to lift the hood to check diagnostics.The Autel AL519 provides state emissions readiness checks and drive cycle verification at the press of a button.It can read and record live O2 sensor data, and display freeze frame data and VIN information on its large TFT color display.The Launch CRP123 offers extensive vehicle coverage, including Asian, European, and American cars, as well as multi-language support, so no matter where in the world you are, this useful model will come in handy. The Lemur Vehicle Monitors Blue Driver can read or clear trouble codes when the check engine light comes on, so you can avoid wasting money at the mechanic's shop.It also conveniently sends all of the data to your i OS or Android device.The Innova 3150f is easy enough for home DIYers to use, but powerful and durable enough for professional use.It provides step-by-step instructions for resetting most codes in 1996 or newer vehicles, and it also includes a battery and alternator tester.The Ancel AD310 Classic is a budget-friendly option that can help you quickly determine the cause of your vehicle's check engine light, so you can fix the problem and reset the code.The LCD screen features bright white backlighting and adjustable contrast.The Autel Maxi Com MK808 is a cutting edge model that can perform a full systems diagnostic check and also display live data with pinpoint accuracy.


  1. The Equus 3100 Innova CanOBD2 Diagnostic Tool reveals the source of "Check Engine" light warnings quickly. This user-friendly car diagnostic tool can be easily connected to your car or truck. It works well with domestic or foreign 1996 and newer car, SUV or light truck. This auto diagnostic tool can perform many tasks.

  2. Last Updated on March 31, 2018 by Tim Miller 1 Comment. Hey Guys. Today, I will help all of you guys to get an ideal tool for yourself. That's Innova Scan Tool / Code Reader, one of the best and most popular brands of scan tools. You don't have enough time to read the whole review? Don't worry. I've picked out the best.

  3. INNOVA 3100 CAN/OBDII Code Reader in Code Readers & Scan Tools.

  4. This cable is needed if you want to download the latest software updates onto your scan tool. Replacement USB cable for INNOVA 31403, 31703, 3120b, 3150 & 3100 Scan Tools. Note Some very few of the earlier version 3100 scan tools used a standard printer type usb cable & this will not work.

  5. Jun 12, 2013. Advantages of a Digital Flat Panel System from MDI. The GE Innova 3100 is a great example of how far cath lab technology has come in the digital age. Most facilities have updated already; but if you haven't, a quick look at the value of a digital flat panel system like the Innova 3100 for both staff and patients.

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