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Updating old oak cabinets

Converting old golden oak cabinets into a new look has become one of the most popular cabinet transformations that we do in Omaha.If you now have golden oak cabinets in your kitchen, you may feel your whole kitchen, and the surrounding area look old or outdated.While it can be frustrating to have a single component holding back the look of the central area in your home, the good news is that Kitchens Redefined can update your existing cabinets to a more modern look.Our Omaha cabinet transformations not only give your kitchen a great new style, but it is very affordable price compared to purchasing and installing brand new cabinets.Our team at Kitchens Redefined offers our services at such attractive rates based on us using your old cabinets to create a new look.Although golden oak cabinets look dated, they feature quality construction that’s a great asset to your home.

We accomplish this by taking down all the cabinet doors and removing all the hardware.We prepare the doors by thoroughly cleaning them and then sanding them to create a better bond.Next we apply a very specialized chemical bond process prior to the color toning.After we have completed the prep work, we will apply the new color process.Once we have finished recoloring, adding new hardware (pulls and knobs), and have put the doors back in place, your kitchen will look like an entirely new space.The other option for giving your outdated cabinets a new look is to reface them by adding new door and drawer fronts.This approach to transforming cabinets is a good fit for homeowners who no longer like the look of oak and want their cabinets to feature a different style of wood.In addition to choosing a new type of wood, you can also choose whether you want the look completed with a designer stain, paint or glaze finish.If you would like to get our expert opinion on which option will work best for your kitchen, call Kitchens Redefined today at (402) 896-9670 to speak with one of our cabinet transformation specialists.Our showroom is filled with hundreds of incredible options that most people have never seen or thought possible.What do you do when you've got a dated golden oak kitchen, but not the budget to replace it? It had it's flaws, not just in style, but in substance too.


  1. Instead of fresh, classic white cabinets, to me, they look like dated oak cabinets that are trying to hide behind white paint. So there was no. Updating hinges with Rub n Buff. If the paint is in good condition and not chipping or anything, I would do a test on one door of spackling over the old paint, sanding, and painting.

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