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Updating a wooden dining chairs

;) Before we built our house, we had been living in a two bedroom apartment for three years or so, and a small apartment translated to VERY little furniture in our new, large house. We’ve had it for five years, and I was never crazy about it. I knew I could chunk it up, so off to Home Depot I went. But my bushes aren’t cooperating this week, so I went with plan B.

I lived with the bare dining room as long as I could after we moved in, and one day I told hubby I just couldn’t take it anymore – want a hutch. A hutch: I remember standing in the showroom with the sales guy, asking if I could just buy the buffet piece on the bottom, not the hutch. Last fall I did a little redo by covering the mirrors on the back: that hutch. I found underlayment in a four by four sheet for only , and had it cut to size: I took the mirror out of it’s old frame and used Liquid Nails to glue it on the board: Because I didn’t want the underlayment stuff to be seen from the sides of the mirror, I had it cut just shorter than the width of the molding I was going to install around it: My long ago dream of how the buffet would look included two fab lamps at each end, so I stalked Home Goods for a couple weeks before I finally found lamps that made my heart go pitter pat: These were a SPLURGE. I got this humongous faux greenery from Hobby Lobby for on sale: And took the beautiful Pottery Barn footed bowl I got with my Amex points (whoo! The gorgeous crystal lamps play off of the crystals in the knock off Pottery Barn light: It’s just what I wanted – simple and understated, but dramatic at the same time.

(Grumble.) And since the day it was delivered, the hutch has been a thorn in my side. I loved that it was large (two by three feet), but the frame around it was wimpy, wimpy, wimpy. But when I got home with them and placed them in their spots, I knew it was totally worth it. I wanted something substantial sitting in the middle of the buffet – and I REALLY wanted a bouquet of beautiful, fat hydrangea blooms.

I knew it was two separate pieces, but figured the bottom part was unfinished – you know – all pretty along the edges, but particle board or something craptastic on top, since it wasn’t seen? ): And just started cutting and sticking the pieces all over in the foam till I was happy with the “poof” factor: I loved how it was turning out, but I knew the buffet needed one thing a dining room isn’t complete without – candlelight. And it makes the room feel SO much more spacious without that hutch on top!

Well, one day I did some batting of the eyelashes at the hubs, and he helped me push the monster away from the wall (did I mention it is INSANELY heavy? ;) I skipped to the local Dollar Tree RUN, don’t walk to the Dollar Tree, cause right now they have candle holders that flare out at the top, and it looks SO much like the William’s Sonoma version! Of course, I love it best at night, with the centerpiece all lit up!

), and we pushed the hutch back a bit to see what was on top of the buffet piece: Cue the birds and angels singing Squeezays!! I ended up taking the mirrors out of the back of the hutch, along with the glass shelves, and then took the doors off. : I still haven’t glued the base on, so they are a little precarious at the moment. : (To see how I made the centerpiece, go here.) Lurve: I am GIDDY thinking of ways to decorate the buffet for the holidays! It only took me five years, but I got my dream of a buffet in the dining room.

:) The before: And finally, the after I wanted from the start!

Yesterday we came to a crossroads in the battle of Henry vs. While most of my previous choices have been okay (and some changes made already, like my ottoman)- some have not.

Namely the grasscloth in my dining area off the kitchen.

Last weekend I made Henry blueberry pancakes and blueberry juice ended up splattered on my paper.

After an incident with mashed beets and a close call with a crayon I’ve decided its best to replace it with vinyl grasscloth- which has gotten SO much better looking in recent years!

Sometimes its hard to tell the difference between the real deal and vinyl.


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