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One of the most common questions I hear as a therapist is, "Why do I keep procrastinating when I know it causes me so much anxiety?

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In this way, when your project fails you can rationalize that it wasn't a true test of your abilities anyway-if only you'd had more time.On the flip side, a "yes" to questions 4 through 6, may mean you fear success, not failure.Procrastination protects you from the higher expectations and greater responsibilities that may come with succeeding.Like those who procrastinate because they fear failure, you keep yourself safe from facing your true limits by avoiding challenges and putting things off.If you identified with questions 7 through 9, perfectionism may underlie your avoidance.Because you believe that things should be done perfectly, the result is that nothing gets done at all. There doesn't have to be something wrong with you for you to lack motivation.When faced with a task, you become overwhelmed and frustrated-paralyzed by impossible standards. I have very weak social skills and extremely low self esteem, I don't know how it plays into my procrastination of things yet I realize I procrastinate even the smallest of things.While the reasons for procrastination may vary, the results are often the same-a seemingly endless cycle of anxiety, avoidance, and shame. As an example I procrastinate eating until I am basically starving and I don't know why as it is not a self image thing and I do not wish to be skinny it's something mentally challenging for me. I want friends and to be able to go out but my social skills are so embarrassingly bad that it makes it difficult, I'll attempt to make common talk with someone new and the conversation always ends weird and disjointed.Nothing gets done, and you can't enjoy anything with that guilt hanging over your head. What I thought to be a true friendship, the only friendship I've had in years ended up being false, which again could be why I procrastinate to make a new friend as most of my experiences have been that the only reason anybody would be my friend was based only on what they could take from me.Maybe you play golf instead of working on your presentation, but the image of your glowering boss nags at you during the entire game anyway. Honestly I'm not even worried about the massive amounts of money I've spent on so called "friends" rather the fact that they have so diminished me it feels like they stole a part of me by betraying my trust and pretending to be my friend I have trouble trusting people now and i'm afraid I wouldn't know whether someone is being genuine anymore or not. I would suggest finding somewhere you find comfortable and can make friends easily.You can never really relax because there is always something else you should be doing. then make the only thing that you give to that potential friend your personality, then if they respond positively then they'll most probably be genuine. Im beautiful with good social skills and people like me.


  1. Singularity Viewer is an exciting client for Second Life and OpenSim, which strives to combine the beloved look and feel of Viewer 1.23 with the latest and greatest of available technology, and to stay compatible with future Second Life changes and features.

  2. Feb 14, 2010 Second Life is a complex system with many inter-operating. events can still occur which lead to service disruptions. friends online.

  3. If you can also share this post with your friends. videos and she is adding to and updating. I have finally got around to doing an Introduction to Second Life.

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