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Omni virtual dating

With end game virtual reality (VR) the senses and one's perception of visuals are streamlined by technology to produce virtual constructs to explore/witness.

The entire universal library of experiences and thought forms are possible to experience/explore with end game VR tech.

Right now in our society these technologies are only obtained in their end game version by government black projects(Secret Government Scientific Projects).

• Carried out by Black Project Artificial Intelligence and Directed Energy Weapons in the Modern Age • The Full Suite of Mind Control Technologies Used for Shadow Govt Agenda Proliferation or Recreation • Replacing One's Body with Anything in a VR Construct (You can be an Insect, a Cat, anything) • Open Source Senses; Neurobody Tech (Synthetic Signals) used to Enhance the Experience • Open Source Perception (Naturally there is a lot of potential for misuse of these techs) • Interfacing of Other Being's Consciousness via Electronic Telepathy Tech (AI Based Telepathy tech is part of the Full Suite of End Game VR Tech) • OBE Exploration of a VR Construct (OBE = Out of Body Experience) • VR as a Form of Electronic Harassment • VR While Awake or Asleep • Full 360 Degree Visual Immersion Possible • All Experiences of Physical Reality can be Reproduced • All Sense Experiences can be Reproduced • All Conscious Variables can be Reproduced • All Environments can be Explored • Any kind of Life Experience Reproducible • Any kind of Death Experience Reproducible • Neurobody Tech; Custom Body Sensation Synthetic Signals • All Beings Both Alien to Human and Human can be Explored/Interfaced • Potent Enhancing of Pain or Pleasure Possible • Full Mind Hacking via Remote Influencing Technology The military term "Wonder Weapons" fits this technology.

These technologies are on the public horizon now, until they are publicly known their weaponization goes by almost completely unchecked.

The US military industrial complex and intelligence agencies have sought to weaponize every new technology they come across, VR is no different.

Synthetic dreams are a part of a massive set of mind control programs done by the US Government / Military.

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I predict these technologies will be quite a big deal in the next 100 years(when Directed Energy Neuroscience is mastered publicly)...

With End Game VR one of the best abilities is replacing one's body with other forms.

For example you can replace the sense feelings of one's body while the physicality of an explosion is what you feel as your body. • Being an Explosion • Being a Sound • Being the Sun / Being a Radiating Star • Being a Plant • Being an Insect • Being an Animal • Profound Volcano Explosion • Witnessing a Huge Asteroid Destroy a Moon (The Sound rung deep down into my body, it was profound) There is also VR where you feel no body of your own, where your perception/senses are fully elsewhere and you no longer feel a body in any way.

• All Connected People Experience the Same Virtual Reality • Connected AIs ~ Artificial Intelligence Networking to Network the Minds • Can be designed for partners, friends, more • Can be in the form of entertainment, exploring real physical reality's but inside VR • Can be done for many purposes, such as: —Communication —Board/Council Meetings —Martial Arts Sparring (Can even give Synthetic Pain Signals Where Applicable) —Virtual Hunting —Virtual Sex Much more Through custom synthetic signals replacing normal body sensation signals (what I have coined as "The Neurobody") any conscious variable in existence can be applied to what one feels on the body.

This means that distinct concepts, conscious energies, colors, sounds, and more can be applied to the body while one is having a Virtual Reality experience.


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