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~ 우리 결혼했어요 2008~ (We Got Married Season 1 ,ep 9-38) (New solo album: Round 3) Kim Hyun Joong: Hangul: 김현중 Birthdate: 6th June 1986 Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Height: 180cm Star sign: Gemini Blood type: B Religion: Catholic -Leader of SS501 -Signed under Key East -Currently doing SBS’s Barefoot Friends -Friends with JYJ’s Jaejoong, Bigbang’s Top etc. Seeing how humble and funny she was I clicked on a video where Hwangbo & Kim Hyun Joong was paired up in 2008,the 1st season of WE GOT MARRIED and from then on I started catching up on them.

(Hwangbo went to Shinhwa’s Hong Kong concert on 8th June 2013,on the left is Jun Jin,right is Hwangbo) Hwangbo Hangul: 황보헤정 (Hwangbo Hyejung) Birthdate: 16 August 1980 Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Height: 165cm Horoscope: Leo Blood type: A Religion: Christian -Leader/Rapper of Chakra -Part of the cast of Infinity Girls -Friends with Shinhwa(particularly Jun Jin), Brian Joo(Fly To The Sky) etc. U have no idea how obsessed I am with them currently,so after watching all the episodes I’m here now to introduce them to u guys and give my personal opinion~ *Please Note*This is entirely my opinion on this couple.

I know there are a whole bunch of Henecians(Khj fans) that are strongly against us shipping this couple but I would like u guys to keep ur opinion to urself and vent ur unhappiness somewhere else. of wgm couples like Adam couple(used to rank first b4 i know ssangchu) and the current Taemin & Naeun couple.

And truthfully,the Ssangchu couple has the LEAST(‘self ‘) SKINSHIP among them and u don’t often get to see just how they feel for each other but somehow(even I don’t understand why),something tells me to keep watching and I guarantee you that their whole ‘wedding’ and seperation is so much more beautiful than whatever GU JUNPYO said: We don’t match perfectly,but we match well enough.

I would really LOVE to think that they are into each other,even if they aren’t now but at least during that short 5 months of filming,there bound to be some feelings generated for each other.

Its impossible for them to not grow feelings for each other no matter how fake the show is.

There were times when the different couples go together on a trip and U CAN CLEARLY SEE the Ssangchu living and being in their own little world even though others are trying hard to film and get as much air time as possible.

I think from what I know the only person that Hyunjoong is closest to at those times is Hwangbo and though Hwangbo is friend with the other couples it’s quite evident that they are not friends friends or that they dont belong in the same social circles.

So I compiled a list of suspicious clues and deductions.And again, I’ve seen henecians that strongly protects Kim hyun Joong from being in touch with any forms of living organism that has anything to do with we got married. So to prevent this batch of people from getting too agitated I would recommend u guys to stop here.In 2011, SBS’s NIGHT AFTER NIGHT : The MCs were basically talking about what type of person Hyunjoong is when he’s in love.And he said he would do strange aegyo out of nowhere.Like this : And now where have we seen that before? But if I’m Hyunjoong I would probably think that the wgm crew wouldn’t include the photo that they took in the broadcast. It’s just a dog and the 2 of them and there’s no special reason or meaning behind the photo when they took it and there’s no skinship involved either also.So I bet when Hwangbo saw the selca she probably rolled on the floor laughing literally.And don’t forget that photo is taken in 2008 and after 3 years in 2011 he’ ‘.I bet even Hyunjoong didn’t realise that he did that when he took the photo.This shows just how natural the photo is and HIS FEELINGS.Now it’s Hwang Buin’s turn, In 2010,a program called ) Basically, Hwangbo is nominated/chosen as the person that people wants to befriend with the most.


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  5. Hwangbo dating is consequently the hwangbo dating of the Shimsontang sight in Hongdae in the Mapo-gu ration of. Girlfriend Kim Hyun-joong has no girlfriend now.

  6. She was pared with Kim Hyun Joong and even though they exited the show much earlier. Hwangbo in one sentence – This beautiful South.

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