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Free sex chat room for mobile phones with no sign up

Motorists who talk on hands-free phones are more dangerous than drink-drivers, experts have warned.

Drivers using the legal alternative to hand-held mobiles are 30 per cent slower to react than those slightly over the limit, tests found.

Both eating sweets and smoking were rated as more risky.Maggie Game of insurer Direct Line, which commissioned all the research, said: 'This study will understandably come as a shock to many drivers who currently use a hands-free device to comply with the law.'Given that drink-driving was responsible for 14,480 casualties, including 460 deaths, on the road in 2007, the potential for casualties from mobile-phone use is frightening.'Hopefully now that drivers are aware of the dangers inherent in the use of hands-free mobile phones whilst driving, the act of having any but the most crucial conversations will take on the status of a social taboo in much the same way that drink-driving has.' The road safety charity Brake said the findings reinforce its calls for a complete ban on all phone use while driving.Spokesman Sarah Fatica said: 'Research shows us that it's all about the effect it has on concentration and not about having one less hand on the wheel.'Most people know that drink-driving is wrong and dangerous and kills but people still continue to believe that talking on a mobile phone is OK and not putting lives as risk.'We hope this research makes the general public stop and think about the importance of that phone call and think that no call is worth a life.We also hope it puts pressure on the Government to revise the current legislation on talking on mobile phones whilst driving.' But Edmund King, president of the AA, urged caution.He said it was misleading to compare mobile phone use to drink-driving, as the former only impairs abilities during a call, while the latter affects the entire journey.He added that while motorists needed to be aware of the dangers of hands-free kits, priority should be given to enforcing the current law banning the use of hand-held phones when driving.The AA's research shows that at any one time, 100,000 motorists are flouting this law, risking a minimum penalty of three points on their licence and a £60 fine.


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