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The Sanctuary’s aims are not just to rescue neglected, unwanted or abused horses but to rehabilitate, train and eventually rehome them into loving, knowledgeable environments.

We also focus on educating the public in matters relating to the welfare of horses and ponies.

Our rescued animals come from throughout the South West and South Wales and come to us for a variety of reasons, including being abandoned by unscrupulous owners, foals who have lost their dam or come close to starving during harsh moorland winters and animals found fly grazing.

Whatever the welfare call we do everything we can to save them, treat them, train them and find them useful lives with loving homes.

We know that each and every one of them has their own unique character and we do everything we can to make sure they find the right forever home.

There are many things to consider when thinking about taking on a loan pony or horse from the Sanctuary, most importantly the monthly cost.

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For stabled horses hay is required all year round to compensate for the lack of access to grass and can add around £10 a week to the livery costs throughout the year.Also some form of stable bedding is required, usually straw or shavings, and this can add a further £10-£20 per week.The amount of feed will depend on the type and size of horse, its exercise routine and whether it it is stabled or at grass.A hardy horse or pony living out all year and only receiving light exercise may need little additional feed, if any.However a horse receiving regular exercise may require some hard feed and a stabled horse, with regular strenuous exercise will most often need additional feed throughout the year at a cost of around £5-10 a week.A horse or pony requires annual inoculations against Influenza and Tetanus and this can be expected to cost in the region of £35 a year for the vaccination plus around £35 call out charge from the vet.Vet’s fees in cases of illness or accident can be costly, and rather than risk having to pay out several hundred or thousand pounds for an incident many owners prefer to insure their horse.The cost of insurance to cover vets fees will vary depending on the type of cover taken and the value of the horse or pony but should be expected to cost in the region of £20-£40 per month.A horse’s feet continually grow and so even if unshod will require regular visits from the farrier for trimming.Whether shod or not the horse will require attention from the farrier every 6 weeks and this can cost around £25-£30 for trimming and £50-£85 for shoeing per visit.It is recommended that a horse has its teeth checked by a vet or equine dentist every year to ensure that there are no sharp edges or other tooth problems that may be the cause of discomfort to the horse.


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