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Dating someone who smokes marijuana Totaly free no registration web cam sex

A marijuana addict's life is controlled by marijuana.He or she loses interest in all else, their dreams go up in smoke.Marijuana addiction is a progressive illness often leading to addiction to other drugs, including alcohol.The lives, thinking and desires of marijuana addicts center around marijuana--scoring it, dealing it and finding ways to stay high.

Marijuana addicts, in particular, tend to believe that they must be “OK” since there are using. We have found that addiction is a physical, mental and spiritual disease.The physical aspect is the compulsion–the inability to stop once we have started.The mental aspect is the obsession, or the overpowering desire to use, even when we are destroying our own lives and the lives of those we love.The spiritual aspect of the disease is our total self-centeredness.We addicts in recovery have found, through the Twelve Steps, that we are each responsible for ourselves and our actions.If a loved one helps divert a crisis for the addict, they take away the addict's opportunity to work it out, or fail.This will make it harder for the addict to perceive the problem and begin to seek the solution.As the addict approaches their bottom and their disease worsens, family members and friends have a tendency to enable the addict, allowing them to postpone the ultimate repercussions of their using.Understandably, loved ones try to ease the suffering the addict may be feeling because of loyalty, love, caring, and a sense of responsibility.Family and friends may give money (which likely goes to buying more marijuana), buy food, pay rent and bills, bail them out of jail, etc.By trying to save the addict from him or herself, you are doing both yourself and the addict a disservice.


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