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Dating site for geeks

The Short Version: Lovers of fandoms, fantasies, sci-fi, and other imaginative works will geek out over Soul Geek — a dating site made to match up fan girls and fan guys who are looking for fulfilling relationships.

A few years later, at a party in his hometown, he found a new hope in an old flame.

He reconnected with his high school sweetheart — a geeky girl who’d attracted his attention by doodling the Starship Enterprise on her notebooks.

They hadn’t seen each other in 26 years, but the spark was still there.

“She came back into my life and helped put back together my shattered soul,” he said.

“She just put her arms around me and has not let go.” Now married with a 6-year-old son, the family indulges in geeky events like “Planet of the Apes” screenings and at-home “Lord of the Rings (Extended Edition)” movie marathons.


  1. The largest site for geeks and nerds - Join Now. I'm a. looking for a. living near age to. gk2is the largest online dating website with for nerds, dorks.

  2. What it’s about Geek 2 Geek is probably the most popular dating site for geeks, boasting the most members out of all the websites listed here, and it's one of the safest in my opinion.

  3. Looking for Geek Dating & Nerd Dating? Love Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Animation, Video Games, Conventions & Cos-Play? Then is for you!

  4. Best Free “Nerd” Dating Site. making it the most established dating site in the. Mouse Mingle is one of our favorite dating sites for geeks and nerds.

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