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Dating she wants to move

Do you feel that a specific girl is behaving weirdly around you? Well that might just because sending you signals to make a big move.

This is not because she have an odd sense of humor.This is because she wants you to feel important and special.And at the end of the day, she hopes that you will feel that the person that can make you feel like this is her.She also wants you to know that you are safe to be silly with her whenever.This is a guarantee that the date will not be awkward, it will be filled with tons of laughter!When you are walking to a person, there are two possibilities of motion.She can either look normal or she could lit up like a candle.When she does look happy, that means you are someone pretty special to her heart.A girl who likes you will make sure you see her smile when you are around her.This is because she wants you to see that she is someone that can make you happy in every situation.Also Read: Next signs a shy girl wants you to ask her out is you both in a casual talk and suddenly she touch your arm or push you lightly.


  1. May 30, 2017. She's not going to move in with you before she feels like she's really ready. She's not going to talk about spending. She doesn't want to rush through the important moments that are meant to be cherished. Your first date. Your first kiss. Your first night in bed together. Normally, she's scared of waiting too.

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