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As of February 2013, the site had 613,742 accounts (this number includes banned, duplicate, inactive and closed accounts), 2,297,620 threads and more than 36 million posts.A wide variety of topics from music to politics to bereavement and to personal relationships are widely discussed, mostly from an Irish perspective.Participation in the forums only requires free registration.while he was a postgraduate student at the National University of Ireland, Galway.This forum was part of the Irish Games Network's site, and utilized "Matt's WWWBoard" software.The site gained in popularity until the size of its threads exceeded the capacity of the software.Breslin came into contact with Tom Murphy, who had been administrating a Quake-related forum called Quakapalooza, utilizing Murphy's ASP software.

In 2000, Cloud Boards was then rebranded for a more general audience.Limitations in what organizations could register prevented private individuals from registering vanity or custom domains.Breslin had previously been unsuccessful in registering the domain with the Irish domain registry.Murphy entered a bet with Breslin that he could successfully register a domain for a rebranded web forum.Murphy renamed his company Spin Solutions to Boards for a day in order to trick the system, registered the paperwork with the Irish domain registrar for boards.ie, and was granted the domain.For the 10th anniversary of boards.ie's first historic post, the complete data set of its discussions with semantic markup (see SIOC) was made available to researchers, and a competition looking for interesting creations based on this data was launched. It is operated by Limited, an Irish Commercial Company, more specifically in the same headquarters of (DAFT MEDIA LIMITED), in Golden Lane, Dublin 8 which are both owned by the Distilled Media Group Limited is considered a small company, since its balance sheet total does not exceed 4.4million euro, and is registered as a commercial company involved in "computer and related activities.".Ltd was set up on Mon the 24th of Jan 2000 in Dublin 8. However, its latest accounts show it had accumulated losses of €445,000 and rising, dropping more than €100,000 in those 12 months alone.The company's current directors Paul Kenny, Eamonn Fallon, Odhran Ginnity, John Breslin and Thomas G Murphy have been the director of 24 other Irish companies between them; 6 of which are now closed. It also had a hole of €65,000 in its balance sheet, a full four years after Daft got involved.A new forum can be proposed by anyone, but requires a certain amount of support from other members.Most users do not pay any usage fees, although subscription is offered with benefits such as custom avatars and a change of username, amongst other features.The site expanded into a number of other countries including uk (United Kingdom), (United States), (Japan), cn (China), and nz (New Zealand), but all have since closed.


  1. Is an online forum in Ireland. The forum is open for discussions on a wide range of topics from music to politics and bereavement as well as personal relationships. The site has reached more than 700 thousand users, 36 million posts, and over 3 million threads. is owned by Distilled Media Group.

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