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Word Press, as one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world, offers the ability for users to change the date on their posts, both before and after they have been published. You can set a post to appear in the future, scheduling your content drops. What about changing the date on a current post to make it look older? How can it be used, legitimately and illegitimately, and what is Google’s opinion on the practice?

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On a similar note, there’s also the instance where you future-date an old article to a date that is still in the past, but more recent. Older sites with older posts tend to be ranked higher. Google and the other search engines don’t necessarily care that your post was posted two years ago.

Therefore, why not make your site look older by posting a few dozen or a few hundred articles with dates scattered across the previous months or years? What they care about is the age of your site as a whole.

They care about monitoring your actions over the course of the lifespan of your site.

Older sites rank higher because they have had more time to gain Google’s trust.

By backdating the content on a brand new site, you may be able to trick users into thinking your site has been around for a while, hidden in a place they never saw it.


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  2. Oct 6, 2011. In one of the Steve Jobs obituaries there is this reference to the backdated options scandal at Apple. In 2001 he was granted stock options amounting to 7.5 million Apple shares, allegedly without the required authorisation from the company's board of.

  3. Nov 11, 2010. Before Lehman Brothers imploded, before Bernard L. Madoff's arrest and before the global economy's near-collapse, there was the backdating of stock options. On Wednesday, a federal judge in Los Angeles sentenced Bruce E. Karatz, the former chief executive of KB Home, to five years of probation.

  4. Apr 7, 2015. When you buy life insurance, there may come a time near the end of the process where your broker or agent will talk to you about backdating the policy. If this happens, don't panic—your broker didn't just turn into a con artist. When it comes to life insurance, insurers will let you backdate a new policy a few.

  5. Lie's backdating hypothesis could potentially explain the bulk of the abnormal stock return pattern around executive stock option grants. Recent anecdotal evidence from the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC investigation of Mercury Interactive and other cases supports this contention. However, Lie's empirical.

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