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Aries dating aquarius man

Both the Aries woman and the Aquarius man love to explore and neither sign cares very much about the status quo the Aries woman prefers to create her own world while the Aquarius man will break apart any world that does not suit his needs.

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The Aries woman finds the Aquarius man’s revolutionary ways exciting and the Aquarius man appreciates the Aries woman’s independence since it complements his own need for individuality.

Both signs value their freedom and sexually there will be plenty of experimentation!

The Aquarius man has to be with someone who “gets” him, understands his special qualities, and supports him emotionally.If you let your compassionate and more open-minded side shine through, you could be dating an Aquarius man. Aquarius The Aquarius man has a quick wit and a sharp mind.Anyone interested in him would have to be equally savvy.Although the Aquarius man is extremely passionate about certain causes and situations, emotions rarely enter into the equation.He’ll do something because it’s the right thing to do, not because it brings tears to his eyes.As an air sign, he processes everything through his mind first.Dating an Aquarius Man Communication is the key to dating an Aquarius man.He loves to play the field before he commits to a relationship.He won’t commit until he finds someone he can communicate with both verbally and mentally; he’s way more practical than emotional.However, if you’re already dating an Aquarius man the connection obviously makes sense to him.Once he can connect with you on an intellectual level, you’re sure to see a more romantic side to him. Fitting in with them will be paramount, and meeting them might be one of your first dates—no kidding.


  1. Aquarius man dating an Aquarius woman. Not recommended for everyone but given the proper attention and love required you will have a relationship built to last a lifetime if not longer.

  2. An Aquarius man has your heart but you can’t read him. Your new date is a man who holds his freedom dear; knowing all about Aquarius will give you an edge.

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