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Hi everyone, I am currently in the process of changing careers and am very interested in becoming an event planner.

What would be the best way to get one's feet wet in this field? Please let me know I would greatly appreciate it Hi, I was wondering if you would consider networking with me. I do have a little bit of experience in the field but would like to go deeper and I am willing to do an internship as you suggested.

I am currently in the Boston area and looking to transition from Office Manager/Exec. You may contact me at [email protected] you do not mind answering some questions for me. Hi All, I am a corporate event planner at a hospital in the Boston area.

The best advice I can give people who want to be event planners but have no experience is: take on a basic, unpaid internship or consider volunteering in the events department of a local non-profit.

An internship does not mean you have to commit 40 hours a week. Approch companies you are interested in working for and see what they offer. I have also been thinking about becoming an event planner as well.

You may be surprised-- some companies will tailor their internships to suit the needs of a working professional. I started as an event planner last Christmas and have been doing really well. There's a really good web site that provides a ton of free information about becoming an event planner. I have worked with two well known wedding planners in the area and LOVE IT! Thanks Michelle [email protected] am currently an Event Planner in the US Marine Corps.

I really enjoy what I do and will be honorably departing the service in approimately 7 months.

It is my intention to continue planning events outside of the military. I don't have formal education in the communications or marketing fields, but would "school up" if necessary. Frank ([email protected]) Hi Karina, I am a wedding planner in GA. I learned everything through reading books , research, extensive planning and of course hands on.

It is worth getting certified though because your clients will feel more at ease with an official title and those initials after your name.It also gives you the confidence that you do in fact know what you are doing and yes, you can charge that insane amount of money.You can pretty much pick any school to go to, but I would suggest going to one that will affiliate you with a wedding planning orginazation once you've completed the course. I own my own event planning company which I started in July of 2009.I have had a few clients but alot have fallen through.I have now hit a wall and really need some solid information on how to gain more clientele and business.I would like to have a sucessful business but recently I have just been gaining alot of anxiety over the slow progress I am making.It is been really discouraging to have multiple clients that don't follow through.I need advice on gaining new business as well as advice on if I am on the right track and if similar event planners that have started there own business have been experiencing the downfalls that I have been.Hi, I'm looking to get into the wedding planner business in the Gonzales/ Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. Thanks Hi, I am in the process of becoming a certified event planner and getting a certification in public relations...spring 2011 i want to be in florida...i am from nyc originally... my e-mail is [email protected] love to hear from you!!! Hi everyone, can anyone tell me if i needed a certificate or license to be an event planner.If anyone can assist me with any advice: such as certificates, courses, jobs, etc. I am actually just doing this for a hobby, help family and friends with there events and just to have extra money on the side.thank you Hello Everyone, I am looking to get information on event planning. and I recently just planned and did a big party and after it all going done and it being a big hit it really made me want to peruse this lot more now.


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